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About Us

Founded in 1997, MicroWeb Hellas has been providing internet based services and solutions for almost two decades. Having witnessed the birth of the modern internet and its evolution to a mainstream marketplace, we are in a unique position to evaluate your needs within current market conditions.
Where we difer and where we excel is our approach. We strive to offer a positive working experience for individuals and companies that are not technical gurus and need a partner that will help them manage their every day internet needs.

What we offer is a managed service, which extends on various levels and is flexible enough to accommodate the requirements of our clients, regardless of their technical expertise.


From simple websites to complex custom solutions, our approach is one and the same, to provide what is needed, no more no less. We will be with you from the get-go, to help you understand the capabilities and realize the possibilities that will make your internet endeavours a success.


Top to bottom the most critical aspect when building and maintaining your internet presence or application is to have a stable and trustworthy support structure. MicroWeb is here not only to help get you on your way, but to travel with you, wherever the journey takes you, offering a helping hand whenever it is needed.


Different needs call for different measures and as such, we evaluate each and every project as a separate entity. Each client is offered a personalized solution, tailor made, both to their requirements and capabilities. From fully managed to fully independent solutions, your solution is your own.


Communicate / Understand / Produce / Support

  • Communication

    {The Begining}

    Communication is the most integral part of the development process. We have long strived to perfect the process which is the cornerstone in building the project you need and while perfection might still evade us, we are getting close...
    Communication is the key, without which there can be no understanding.

  • Understanding

    {The Foundation}

    Understanding the goals is the first step in achieving them. Without clear understanding one can only build a house of straw, it might look good, it might be comfortable but it wont withstand the test of time.
    We are committed to understanding what you need, for without it we would not be able to produce.

  • Production

    {The Process}

    Production is an art form, it must be mastered. From the right tools to the right people, to the right process, it is our understanding that allows us to produce efficiently and diligently! Without understanding there can be no support

  • Support

    {The Lifeline}

    Proper support is the lifeline of every successful project! We are committed to providing you with the proper solutions throughout your project's lifespan. Without it, even the best production is doomed to eventually fail and we promise, we wont fail you.

  • WE ARE

Web Promotion

Plan / Campaign / Victory

Web Campaigns

We create and manage online advertising campaigns on all the major distribution channels. Our extensive experience allows us to achieve the best possible return on investment.


Search marketing is a vital part of growth for any web project, it needs to be cared for and nurtured with meticulous attention. Like a living organism it must be taken care of, making sure to cure it if it gets sick.

Social Media

The revolution brought about by digital social platforms, has changed the way people communicate. Our goal is to harness the vast potential of today's Social Platforms and provide you with an invaluable avenue of communication with your potential customers.

Our methods aim at providing you with cost efficient ways to execute your marketing campaigns, while seeking to acquire the audience that best fits your profile.


Below you will find a small sample of our clientèle, we currently manage several hundred projects.

for more information regarding our clientèle please contact us.

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